Collab is a cloud based online application, integrating Wells operation and support teams. The tool records every aspect of wells operations while automating your workflows & processes. It enables context driven communication across Wells teams through access to operational steps of any and all operations. With Collab, users can benefit in freed up time, enhanced visibility of operations and swift responses.

Why Collab

Well Operations Knowledge Management System

Record, re-use and utilise cross-team knowledge to your current operations, real-time.

Amplified visibility for better collaboration

Add teams and users on the go, communicate in context and shift your problem solving skills to proactive approach

Cognitive advises for safer and quicker operations

Get advised with relevant best practises and lessons from your knowledge bank to current activity.

Automated reporting, reducing your effort

Let our application collate & produce reports the way you want from your operational data

Record once & re-use it many times

Re-use pre-existing work instructions with less effort and have more time to do you deem important.

Control your performance with our analytics

Tailor your performance with access to critical and offline activities of your operations. Analyse your Macro and Micro KPIs in single application.

Near accurate Planned times & costs

Plan your operations with ease. Have your time and cost estimates near to accurate with access to nitty gritty of operational steps. Qualitative AFEs are now a thing


Cloud based secure application, with real-time back up in place. Access through your web browser and start using without much delay. You own your data, Evoilve are the custodians of it.

Integrate your workflows:

  • so you record your work instructions at ease, in less time
  • assign key issues, events and associate lessons to the current task
  • access to methods, practices or outcomes from other operations


Facilitate collaboration through easy addition of users and get the best out of them.

  • effective communication across multiple teams: Offices, Rig-sites and service contractors.
  • utilise subject matter experts advice where necessary
  • better picture of operations at wellsite to support teams, real-time

Simple and automated
Significant effort goes into recording data, so Collab provides free-form inputs, import and reuse flexibility and much more at-ease functionality. Through this, Collab achieves much needed standardisation of your data to automate workflows and reports, freeing up more time for what you do best.
Flexible and scalable
Collab is flexible in aligning to your internal processes and can be scalable across multiple locations.
One team - right people at right time
Collab offers organisational creativity through process fluidity. You can start involving people on the go and obtain required output from new members of the team, with knowledge readily available and in context.
Collab is a cognitive software appliation. It reads what you record and try to understand through combining other recorded information. Collab reasons its understandingthrough acceptance rate of its advices and evolves in nature for future suggestions.
Advise engine
Collab suggests users with relevant lessons and best practices during operations, enabling your knowledge bank talk to you through it.