COLLABWELLS®: WIMS combines information and processes and acts as a single source of truth for Asset, Wells & Operations teams in maintaining a productive & safer well portfolio with ease. Know your well stock condition and be a step-ahead with a tailored machine learning approach.

COLLABWELLS® WIMS integrates and automates complex business logic enabling companies to accelerate their digital transformation within well management.


Heightened focus safety & Environment: By gaining insights, decrease frequency of integrity failures, and probability of uncontrolled flow events. Streamline regulatory & auditability compliance.

Increase in production: From increased well uptimes through data insights, continuous preventive measures and hence increase production efficiency.

Reduced operating costs: Reduced well operating costs throughout a wells' lifecycle by proactive response to WIMS data insights.

Automated analytics & reporting: Integration of information; Further your confidence in your well activities and accelerate your well-informed decisions.

Engineers save time & effort: COLLABWELLS automates a multitude of previously considered administrative work through integration of various systems & processes and saves engineers' effort to focus on what matters most.

Prediction engines: Company centric & issue driven predictive analytics depending on various factors; no solution fits all.


Well & Barrier Schematics

Well Integrity Failure Models

Barrier & Element Management

MAASP Calculations (to industry standards)

Knowledge & Risk Management

QHSE Management

Activity Management

Change Management

Report & Audit management

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